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On the occasion of World Day for Women’s Rights, a group of six young people gathered in the La Source Hall, at the Motherhouse, for a sharing with four of our elderly sisters: Sisters Liliane Bédard, Pauline Lauzon, Raymonde Audet and Marcelle Deschênes.

A big first step has been taken towards pastoral vocation ministry including young people and the sisters. The sisters each shared a little of their vocation history and their ministerial journey.  The participants were all amazed at hearing the life stories of each sister.

  • Sister Liliane worked during 40 years as a nurse at Saint-Jean-de-Dieu Hospital.
  • Sister Pauline worked as a social worker for many years and six years as a Provincial Leader.
  • Sister Raymonde worked as a practical aide with the elderly, then at the rectory and later was a local superior.
  • Sister Marcelle, a missionary sister, was a pioneer in the opening of the mission in Argentine, where she worked for 18 years before depositing her trunk in Chili for 20 years and then on to Cameroon for six years.

Sister Marcelle encouraged the young participants to put love in their lives. She explained that love was always at the center of all that she accomplished. She also talked of the importance of being happy wherever we are. 

The youth participation was remarkable.  They listened very attentively and asked many questions.  They especially asked the sisters to give them a counsel and a value they can hold on to for their journey. Through their questions and attention, we noticed how these young people are in need of enriching their values such as compassion, love, and respect for the rights of others. The sisters are very pleased with this wonderful initiative.

Never have regrets for having accomplished something, and always search the good in life.

Sister Marcelle Deschênes, SP