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Group of Providence Friends and Associates

Since the Congregation first began, the Sisters of Providence have been working alongside lay people moved by the message of fraternity and compassion imparted by Émilie Tavernier-Gamelin.

Providence Friends

Providence Friends are lay people from different backgrounds who want to discover Émilie Tavernier-Gamelin, as well as the history and spiritual heritage of the Sisters of Providence.

They regularly take part in meetings held by a Sister of Providence or a related person. This spiritual journey takes place over a one-year period.

These people can continue their journey to become associates or choose to remain friends.

Providence Associates

Providence Associates are committed lay people who join the mission of the Sisters of Providence by offering support to all people who are oppressed by misery and suffering. They renew their commitment every year.

Émilie-Gamelin Province currently has approximately 250 Providence Associates who form active and dynamic groups in a number of cities in Canada, Haiti, Cameroon and Egypt.

The groups meet regularly with Sisters of Providence to share their faith, pray and reflect, and take part in workshops, retreats, community meetings and ministry.

Émilie-Gamelin Province Providence Associates live their commitment by becoming involved in charitable organizations or taking part in volunteer activities, for example:

  • Visits to the sick in hospitals and at home
  • Support for the terminally ill
  • Visits to inmates in prison
  • Support for women in difficulty
  • Support for the disabled
  • Food banks
  • Clothing counters
  • Parish work

My commitment as a Providence Associate involves being inspired by the remarkable woman from Montreal, Émilie Gamelin, and, in my actions, responding to the cries of the most destitute . . . in communion with the Sisters of Providence.

Nadia Bertoluci

Providence Associate

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