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The Sisters of Providence, Emilie-Gamelin Province recently opened a new mission in Moron, a district of Jeremie located in the Grand’Anse area of Haiti. Two sisters and four prenovices form the new local community.

Members of the new local community in Moron: Sister Juedie Elismat, local superior and director of the prenoviciate, Sister Natacha Gracia, and prenovices Wootherly Jean, Bernadette Lafortune, Sandaline Jeune and Espérance Dérismond

The sisters minister in various pastoral fields in Moron. Firstly, they are co-responsible for the National Girls School of St. Joseph. Another pastoral field is health care at the parish dispensary. The prenovices and Sister Juedie help in the preparation of the youth for liturgies, singing in the parish choir and the formation of lectors for the eucharistic celebrations. They also assist in the formation of altar servers and take care of the sacristy.

Over and above the two main pastoral fields of education and healthcare, the sisters work as best they can in building good relationships with the people of the territory and linking well with the population. Since their arrival, the Sisters of Providence feel very welcomed and appreciated by the Moronais population. The people are hospitable, respectful and once again strongly desire having sisters in their parish.

We are very happy and feel privileged to have been chosen by Providence for this great Mission. Beginnings are never easy but we were able to say how Providence has spoilt us. We lack of nothing. We feel protected by a strength that comes from beyond ourselves. We are reminded of the  beginnings of our Congregation when Emilie would pray to have enough bread to feed the elderly ladies. Soon after her prayer, at the door was a person who herself and  generously hands bread to Emilie.

Sister Juedie Elismat, SP